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App for professional animators, students, game developers, storyboard artists and for all fans of animation.Now you can do an animation sketches and pose sequences of man on your tablet or smartphone at any free minute, and verify your animation works or not.
The сontrol simplified to minimum: touch the desired part of the body and drag it. Touch and drag by one finger outside of character to twist the camera.By two fingers you zoom and drag camera.
This app is useful for sportsmans and choreographers too. With it, you'll better explore and understand the right movement.
Save animations on dropbox and share with friends.
Features:- add / remove and multiply frames with automatic interpolation (up to 16 frames);- automatic inverse kinematics;- "ghost" of the previous and next frame switching-on;- copy, paste, reset and mirroring poses;- prop parenting to any part of the body (for example to pull the sword out of the imaginary scabbard);- playback speed changing;- save and open animations (up to 20 files on device at time, which can always be copied to dropbox, remove from device and create a new ones);- uploading animations on dropbox and downloading from it;- you can turn on one of two props (katana (samurai sword), barbell).
In the future, characters and props will be added.